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First of all what everyone needs to understand is there is no short cut to make stretch marks to disappear. It takes a good year for the it to disappear. I was a size 32 in my waist and had a drastic waist loss and my waist size reduced to 25. So one can imagine the stretch marks. Since was very worried about it like you all, I had tried n number of remedies and one of them really clicked. Like I mentioned it took about a year for it to completely disappear (yes! it can completely disappear), I added a good amount of glycerine to coca butter cream that is usually available in the market and massaged it on the effected area after shower every day. I did this religiously for a year and stretch marks never shows on my skin any more. One thing to note here is the fact that it is all these creams and oils must be massaged on to the skin. Without some amount of massage none of these work. Just dedicate about 5 min of your after shower time to apply this combination and massage and you'll see the results. :)

Good Luck you all :) I hope it was helpful !

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can your provide a link of where your purchased the glyrine or where i can find it


Hi, were your stretch marks still red (new) or had them turned white (old) when you begun the treatment?

Thanks a lot.


I was wwandering how bad you would say your stretch marks were in the first place like how deep thankyou.


In India Glycerin normally available in the super markets and even drug stores. I am sure one can buy it off online as well


I am sure it had turned white by the time I noticed!


Did you use a specific glycerin? I know you can find the 100% Glycerine Oil and some that are slightly less.


Hi are sure this will work! I'm indian and I want to know if it will work on me . I'm really desperate for these stretchmarks to dissapear !

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