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Most of my remedies have been mentioned here already, so I'll just summarize those at bottom with gratitude to the original posters. But one very effective remedy I haven't seen mentioned: go on a 48 hr fast.

All bacterial infections thrive on one thing: sugars. Definitely stop eating sweets & starches, and try to get your blood sugar as low as possible for a few days. It won't kill you (it takes 50-80 days for a human being to starve to death) but it WILL kill the infection that's eating away at your teeth.

Ways to lower your blood sugar (you can find more from diabetes websites because they're faced with the same problem)...

1) Go on a good ole fashioned Gandhi fast (drink only water or diluted lemon juice NO sugar added). I find 48 hrs does the trick for me.

2) Light exercise. This ensures that your blood's nutrients go to your muscles, not that nasty freeloading infection

3) If you must eat, eat high-protein only (tofu, lentil bean soup, hard boiled egg and again NO sugar). Protein slows the production of blood sugar/fat while feeding your muscles. Win/win situation.

If you follow these guides, after 2 days your toothache will be gone and you'll have abs of steel, a nice bonus ;)

Other quick remedies:
1) chew cloves
2) chew raw garlic
3) salt water swishes
4) mouthwash
5) aspirin/ibuprofen/acetominophen
6) lemon juice
7) don't lie down, sleep in an armchair

Last but not least, if you have access to antibiotics, I can vouch for amoxicillin or augmentin (amoxicillin + clavulanate). I take clavamox which is the same thing made for dogs & cats but it's the same thing at a lower dosage.

Good luck everyone. If you're losing your mind from the pain, just remember you're not alone. 'For there was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently.' William Shakespeare

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