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lady lia

Hi ladies, am 22 yrs old and iv'e had stretch marks 4 like 10 yrs..try this: start by taking a bath then rub spirit all over ur stretch marks, live it 4 like 2mins then mix bio-oil wit olive oil, but not 2 much olive oil..twice a day and it works wonders..iv been doing this 4 a month and new strech marks are gone and old ones are so light u can almost see them..make sure that ur skin is never dry...I hope it works 4 u 2

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hi what kind of spirit can you use?? please do reply thanxx:)


wat is bio oil plss say


i will try but wht type of spirit did u use


How much of spirit shud 1 apply?


Surgical spirit or alcohol. Its the same thing. You buy it at a shop,it comes in a small bottle. Not expensive. When you rub in you dont rinse it off and use only few drops at a time untill youve covered the area of stretch marks. Morning and night. It works..


You just go to a shop and ask where the bio oil is. Tissue oil also helps just as well. The bottle is small.


Menthylated spirit, you can get it from the drug store . the bio oil too.

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