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lady lia

Hi ladies, am 22 yrs old and iv'e had stretch marks 4 like 10 yrs..try this: start by taking a bath then rub spirit all over ur stretch marks, live it 4 like 2mins then mix bio-oil wit olive oil, but not 2 much olive oil..twice a day and it works wonders..iv been doing this 4 a month and new strech marks are gone and old ones are so light u can almost see them..make sure that ur skin is never dry...I hope it works 4 u 2

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Thnx gal4rnd. Ama try dat. Im even sked 2 dress infront of ada gals, nt 2 mention tykin off my shirt infrnt of my boy4rnd. Dis sucks big tym.


Spirit?? What is that?


spirit wat is spirit????


What is spirit?


Spirit is alcohol, try vodka!!


hw much bio oil would u recommend? and thx il try it


Could u use surgical spirits?


Ill try that


after u put spirt do u have to rinse it?? and after u put the oil do u also have to rinse it out or leave it on?


Wht is bio.oil

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