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i can't believe no one has suggested this one yet but tea tree oil works wonders for acne and pimples well it works for me !! just dip a q-tip in the tea tree oil and dab it on too the pimples and the next morning the should be gone !! good luck hope this works for you !!

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Tea tree oil absolutely works no matter what skin combination you have.


.... I replied to the topic comment earlier asking for correct english. um, what is a q-tip?


Seriously? What is a q-tip??? O_O......


Laughing my ass off. A Q-Tip is a Cotton Swab. Its what we use to clean our ears.


Regardless of the grammar it works........


I have already put the idea for tea tree oil..... Only use a little bit because if you put a lot it will start to dry out the skin a lot and you will have burning skin. Only put a little bit. You can get tea tree oil from pharmacies anywhere near you. Make sure to get the good kind though




In England q-tips are called cotton buds. I didn't know what they were either.

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