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I've been dealing with wisdom teeth pain for quite a while now. It's been on and off pain throughout the months. The pain decided to return recently and I've been back to the tossing and turning every night and waking up too early in the morning because it hurts too bad. Here is what I've been doing to ease the pain, until I can make it to the oral surgeon:

1) Gargle and swish lukewarm salt water to reduce swelling and pain to a tolerable stage.

2) Before going to bed, take some (at least 2) Advil PMs to help with the pain relief, as well as put you to sleep easier.

3) Take at least 2 (I took three) Tylenol or the generic brand Acetaminophen (500 mg) and take some Anbesol or Orajel (I recommend Anbesol Liquid) apply it to your finger and massage it onto the swollen gum for temporary relief until the Tylenol kicks in. (I just did this due to being woken up and I'm already feeling relief)

These methods only provide temporary relief, only until you can make it to the dentist or oral surgeon to have them removed.

Wishing all the luck to you, I know the pain is horrible!

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