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I'm just... I'm just so happy!

I'm still working away at it, since I have a couple tiny satellites. BUT! I tried out this ACV method and it WORKED!

I've had a wart just to the side of the ball of my foot for at least 14 years, likely longer. I've tried using wart removers recommended by my doctor, and also freezing. Neither worked, just made my normally painless wart angry... and spawn two tiny satellites.

So I left it alone. It only would hurt if my feet remained wet (and saturated) for long periods of time. But recently I wanted it gone! So I looked around and came upon this site.

I soaked my foot for a little in water, dried it, and then filed away at the skin with an emery board for a bit. Then I applied ACV to a cotton ball and put it, a bandaid as well as duct tape over it and left it over night.

In the morning it was a little painful, but mostly because the skin had been wet all night, so my skin was saturated.

After this application, though, I switched to just soaking the wart(s) for a few minutes with an ACV soaked cotton ball, removing that, and getting the pad on the bandaid wet with ACV and then covering the bandaid/wart with duct tape. By the second day the wart was already turning black.

On the 5th day, I let it dry out enough so that I could have a go at it with an emery board again. The wart just looked big and black.

Well, last night (the 6th day of this treatment), after filing away at it a little more, it just... looked so ripe for the poking. So I grabbed a tooth pick and poked at it. And it went right through! No pain!

I dug out and cut away as much as possible. I now have a crater in my foot about 5mm by 2mm.

I washed my foot and then applied more ACV, bandaid, and duct tape. This morning it was a little sore, but again, saturated feet tend to be that way. I've let it dry out some, and it's only as tender as I would expect any flesh wound to be.

I'm going to continue with treatment for a few more days to make sure I got everything. But, my joy just can't be described!

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what is ACV?


Apple Cider Vinegar


First of all, this makes me feel slightly more normal, I've had my wart for 7 years -.- I feel the exact same way. I reallly want to get rid of it now.

Just wondering will normal vinegar work??


I read about using acv and duct tape to remove planters warts so idecided to try it. One week later, i was looking at it and ran my knife over the wart and the seed just popped out with NO problem so I recommend this remedy to all.

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