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Sydney :)

I have dealt with headaches my entire life, but when I started smoking cigarettes it seemed I would have a constant headache every last minute of the day... I've tried a lot of OTC drugs and while they certainly helped, they are HORRIBLE with prolonged use, or any use at all for that matter...

I bought Valerian root to help with sleep, and found out that it's actually a great pain medication... not to mention it's completely safe. Do some research on the benefits of this amazing herb and I promise you won't regret it. I wish I knew about Valerian years ago!

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Ever seen or wonder why animals (dogs, birds, cats, etc) sometimes eat dirt, clay, or even a little bit of sand? Why they doing such a dumb thing? Reason: is exactly the opposite...there instinct is to heal themselves. Simple...all you do is observe the animal...what you want to learn is from it's God given instinct. No, I don't eat stones or gravel but I bet a little bit would never hurt me. I'm a pack per day smoker and drink lot's of Tim's coffee. I have observed that my headaches came from my stomach. I did what the birds do when they were sick....some birds fly hundreds of miles to get to the right place to eat clay and so I bought clay and ate it. Prior to this I would have headache every weekend. I bought clay and ate clay. Now I've had two headaches in 5 mths and that's not only the good news. The other part of the good news is on the two times that I did have a headache I immediately ate clay and on both occasions my headache completely vanished in 6 hours...gone, done, finished, cured. Stay away from white no longer has the healthy wheat germ in it. It just going to clog you up. Remember this: it's your stomach...that's number one. A headache does not come from the head.


i think your problem was smoking stupid!! try quitting that first then your headaches will probably lessen!!


Do not smoke


I used to smoke a pack a day and I had head aches several times per week. I felt like I always had a head ache when I smoked. I would not recommend eating clay, but I would definitely suggest quitting cold-turkey! It helped me with the head aches and now when I wake up in the morning I feel great, as opposed to having a heavy feeling in my chest.
That being said, most headaches are caused by dehydration. To prevent a head ache try to remember to drink lots of water throughout the day. Massage your temples and neck (or have someone help you). This should give you some relief.

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