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Like everyone else on here I too am suffering from excrutiating pain. Mine is from a filling that came out. I tried several of the remedies with the garlic clove giving the best result. The burning was horrendous and the smell very overpowering. While looking in my wife's spices in the kitchen I came across a tiny bottle (more like a tiny vial) of Cinnamon Oil flavoring. Out of desperation, I dipped a Q Tip in the oil and rubbed it all over the tooth and around the gum as close to the tooth as possible.. There was immediate relief (approx 99%) as well as a pleasant taste and pleasant smell.. I did this 45 minutes ago and still no pain.. I believe you would purchase this in the baking section of Walmart (around the extracts). I hope this is helpful and gives some of you some much needed relief...

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Do you think Vanilla extract would wok?

Brenda :)

Thanx,the cinnamon oil worked very well.Vanilla does work but not as well as the cinnamon.You would just apply more of the vanilla,more often.Im taking Naproxin and Pennicilan and the cinnamon oil worked before the pills kicked in. :)


tried the cinnamon oil so far no relief but will keep trying cant go to the dentist till the 1st of jan


What also works is having a heatnoacknon your jaw and drink a hot chocolate

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