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After a 2 weeks or so of using calamine, Caladryl, Ivarest, etc., I manned up n used my fingernails to claw off the poison welps and existing scabs from previous scratching while taking a HOT shower. Instant relief. The downside is my bloody, raw arm made me look like I was patient zero of the Zombie Apocalypse. But, I'd rather heal an open wound to get new skin than treat a nasty, itchy poison any day. After claw treatment: anti-bacterial spray, neosporin, bandage, medical tape. Only needed bandages for 2 days, healed up in a few days total. No more itching!

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THIS IS NUTS!!!!!!! DO NOT DO THIS OT WILL MAKE IT 10X WORSE!!!!!!! THE OILS WILL COME OUT AND MAKE IT SPREAD!!!!!!! Take cool showers an use ANY OTHER METHOD!! It will go away with in 10 day. Itch gone in about 8 days.


u r a total retard

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