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Liz W

Hello everyone. I'm so glad I found this site. I found out I have GH just 4 days ago. My symptoms started while I was on vacation and had to sit on a plane for 7 hours to get home. As soon as I noticed the bumps I knew it was GH and going to the doc was just a confirmation and getting treatment. From what I've learned in the past 4 days....peeing in the tub is way less painful than trying to do it on the toilet. Using a blow dryer on the cool setting helps keep yourself dry and hurts less than trying to pat dry with a towel. Aveeno oatmeal baths in very luke warm water is incredibly soothing. My gynecologist told me not to use any topical creams or ointments because not only will they lock in moisture but it can delay healing (even though it seems to soothe the itching and burning in the short term). I no longer have 'granny panties' as I only ever wear thongs, so I stole my boyfriend's boxers and they work nicely because they're loose and breathable. I take l-lysine (an essential amino acid that our bodies can't create, but desperately need) can either get it in supplements or look up a list of foods that contain it. I've been taking advil liquid gels every 4-6 hours to help relieve the excruciating pain and this seems to help. I'm also taking my acyclovir prescription 5x a day. I tried putting baking soda on the sores early on to try to dry them out....DON'T do this!!! It burns so badly....I was doubled up on the floor in tears. This is all the advice that I have, but now I'm looking for some as well.

For the past few days that I've had these symptoms, I've stayed home from school and haven't had to work. It's been nice to just lie in one position in bed and limit irritation. Unfortunately my time off is up and I have to work tomorrow night, a double on saturday, and sunday night as well. I'm a waitress so I usually walk very quickly and I have to wear certain pants that I feel aren't going to be comfortable for this. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me to get through this work weekend? I've already told my boss that I have some stuff going on medically and need to take it easy, but I just feel that walking around so much wearing those (relatively) tight pants is going to irritate my sores that are trying to desperately to heal. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

And good luck to those of you that are experiencing the same pain.

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i know yur pain, im a server as well with GH. I found wearing losser pants and cotton underware helps, as well as any anti itch spray or cream may help with uncomfort. For the most part i try to avoid waiting tables while i have and outbreak always seems to make mine last longer. I hope i could help.


I'm a nanny and I had to go back to work right after I was diagnosed. Chasing around 2 toddlers all day when you can barely stand up was no fun but I didn't really know what else to do other than wait it out and hope the medicine starts working faster.

My next breakouts weren't NEARLY as bad as the first.


Yes I too am a server/bartender and have been off the last few days but am wondering how I am going to manage at work being I have to go back in a day or so, any other helpful remedies for walking around hours at work is what I'm in dire need of....


Hi, I feel your pain. I find that Gold Bond powder (extra strength in the green bottle) works wonders. It stops the itch, keeps you dry and has some sort of coolant in it. Bring it with you and use as needed.

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