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I have AWFUL period cramps to where if nothing is done I'll be in a ball screaming out tears! Here is what I've found. I'm an RN and of course we learned in school that magnesium is a muscle relaxant. NOTE: If you are pregnant and having cramps this advice is NOT for you, talk with your MD. So I thought what if I tried this during really terrible period cramps and it's great! A magnesium supplement (this part is VERY important)+ ibuprofen + either hot tub or sit in shower and let hot/very warm water run over your lower abdomen. CAUTION: Follow the dosing on your magnesium supplement bottle, because I've seen patients with too much magnesium in their blood and if you take too much your reflexes and LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESSES will diminish and can to dangerous results! So follow directions ;) Magnesium relaxes my cramps and works GREAT. But just that alone doesn't work, if you try a multimodal approach (several approaches at once like mentioned above) it controls pain better. And most importantly praying through it! :)

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