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Just an update. I have healed up from the apple cider vinegar and am starting the aldara. The thing is I really can't see anything down there. The apple cider vinegar, although burned the shit out of my skin/tissue down there, really did get rid of almost all the warts. I can barely feel three tiny tiny bumps on my perineum that you can't even see and I have one tiny wart on my Amis that really just looks like a white head. I've used tree aldara treatments so far and just Joe am starting to get a little raw in the taint area so I'm going to lay off for the next treatment and start back up in about 3 days. I've been slacking on the supplements too but still taking the zinc and te green tea at least daily sometimes twice a day. Bottom line is I think ACV did most of the work down there :). I'm mainly using aldara at this point to hopefully prevent recurrence and remove these last couple of tiny spots.

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Wats acv?

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