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Hi all. The doctors told me I contracted GH2 about a month ago. I had the same reactions as most: Shock, disbelief, sadness, and so forth. I have lurked around on different sites seeking remedies and have finally decided to write and share.

As a woman, the thing I have found most helpful for relief is applying a few drops of Cayenne Pepper EXTRACT AND Olive Leaf EXTRACT on my pantyliners where the sores are present. My sores typically surface on or near my vaginal lips. INSTANT and LONGER relief for me when done this way in comparison to putting the drops on a cotton swab and then applying.

Applying a mixture of the TWO EXTRACTS to Pantyliners has really helped me. It has taken the hassle out of re-applying when I am not able to.

If you are a guy, I strongly suggest swallowing your pride and getting some pantyliners. Do you want your pride? Or do you want relief? Plus, you can always say you're buying them for your girlfriend, sister, or mom..

For guys, the only other suggestion would be putting the extracts directly on your underwear and see how it works.

***Just be careful because it is VERY strong does burn near the bikini line so just beware.*** I probably should water it down, but I never end up doing so.

Hope this helps someone!!!

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I was seeing this guy for afew months, at first it was all fun until one night while sitting on the computer I felt a passive pain in my vaginal area, I went to the bathroom and noticed a pimple. I freaked out, though it would go away, I saw the guy again and another outbreak occured, I felt tingling sensation and pain as If someone was pinchng realy hard. It looks like a smaller pimple and it is close to the labia. I always tell myself I will make it to the doctors, but I am so scared because I feel dirty, dont want anyone to know, and I feel there is no hope, no cure, will the pain ever go away? Im at the tip of wanting to hurt the guy who gave it to me, he can be infecting others. I didnt see or notice he had anything, he looked clean, I was clean..all my fault for meeting him in the first place. No one knows about this...only me, I wonder if the walking clinic can take a look at me, will they provide treatment? The most embarasing part of all is when you tell the secretary what your issue is, what do I say? I have GH?, then everyone in the room will know.I wish so badly I never met this guy, he ruined my life, and regret everything. I hope eventually I will go to the doctors, im planning on going on my next day off coming this week. Im so scared and nervous, but its time I do this, for me..or il be worried fr the rest of my life. Advce is use protection, dont let the mans tool fool you! get him checked before you bother with him! THis is serious!


I searched many home remedy cures for genital herpes. My insurance was up a couple of years ago, so my daily regimen of valtrex was up. I had a severe outbreak and i researched home remedies, mine had stuck around for awhile. After looking at forums I ended up trying different topical suggestions. The 3 i tried were the manuku honey, lemon balm and funnily enough, abreva. Not sure which one was the winner, but after many months of suffering futilely I tried all 3 over a weeks period and all symptoms are gone. I would like to say having over the counter solutions are wonderful, if they work. But having a forum is wonderful, I had suffered for so long!!

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