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steve c

I recently began suffering nosebleeds at work , it got so bad that i had to keep a tissue up my nose for most of the day because the slightest turn of the head and blood would pour out .
I saw 4 doctors in 8 days about this because it was constant for 3 to 4 weeks without respite !, needless to say they were useless (one even cauterised my nose in the wrong place !!) i decided doctors were not going to help so researched it on the net .
I finally came across a blog from some guy in the States with the same problem which he had cured .
I am the biggest skeptic there is but decided to follow his advice which involved the taking of one capsule of Cayenne Pepper , one capsule of Vitamin k and one tablet of Vitamin C with flavonoids a day ... nosebleeds stopped immediately ! , after more research i believe the cause of the nosebleeds was an excess of ibuprofen ,i was taking tablets for back pain most days and rubbing ibuprofen gel on my knees before playing football or tennis this had been going on for months , needless to say i do not use it at all now .
If this helps one person i will be happy ,and eternally grateful to the guy who shared it with me .

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