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Kyle in Indiana

I actually had a pair of pliers sitting beside the sink and was going to yank my bottom right molar out. It already had a root canal performed on it and is now infecected badly. All bs aside, what worked for me better than tylenol or asperin was 4-5 cloves between cheek and gums near tooth and to bite down on a black tea bag. Helped so much, Thanks!

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All I can say is THANK YOU!!
Amazing how a tooth doesn't hurt until after all the dentists have gone home and no 24 hr dentist that take my insurance can be located.
Honestly I read this and thought, meh, no way then reading the other posts remembered the HORRIBLE clove pack after my wisdom teeth were pulled. Figured I have to wait until 7:30 (12 hours) and tylenol and ambisol weren't cutting it (maybe for a few minutes).

Took a coffee filter, poored some crushed cloves and turned it into a skoal bandit. I still can't believe its stopping the pain. still not the greatest tasting thing on the planet but I can last the night now. !!! YAH!!!

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