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I am not a long-term sufferer of RLS but, after a few bouts of it I was ready to try anything, hence my arriving at this site - but I needed immediate help, as in 4am help. I turned to a small jar of TIGER BALM and madly rubbed what was left of it on irritable muscles in my legs and feet and you know what, I got my immediate relief. A solid night's sleep- well what was left of it.

I will add to this another similar remedy that 100% (strangely) works, is when having bouts of night coughs (any age - even babies) lather vicks vapour rub cream on the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks. Something magical happens - lord knows what, but it also works.
:o) Happy Healing

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To make a loong story short. I lost my job therefore lost medical coverage. I was on morphein and other narcotics for a couple years due to pain. I was forced to quit cold turkey. 16 days of hell and 2 seperate hospital visits I beat the withdrawls. Now since then I have been having this God awful restless legs crap. I go to bed at 10 and Im still struggling at 7 am. I take countless of HOT showers but it only relieves me for 15 minutes or so. Sleeping pills and PM's didnt work. Just made it more unbearable. Tiger Balm only gave me relief for a little while and it stinks. lol. After reading all of these comments I cant believe that just wrapping my legs and 2 bars of soap in my bed actually stopped the annoying feeling in my legs. Im going to see if I can fall asleep now. Im also going to try the tonic water tonight and the Vics vapor rub under my feet. Im glad I came across all of these advices. I hope this wont be a long term problem as I read most of you do. Good luck to all. Thanks


hi,my name is jack.i have had severe rls for years.have lost many nites sleep.i know very well what you people are going through.i have tried anything and everything.nothing helps.i stay up all nite stomping my feet and walking and stetching.does no i have started going to the er.they hook me uo to an iv,with works till i get home and it wears off,then here we go again.right now i am totally miserable.HELP ME PLEASE.


I suffer also from RLS. Even thought it might not be as bad for me as it is for others I also have alot of sleepless nights. I find that if I elevate my feet sometimes it helps. I guess it depends on how bad it is, Tonight it has not worked so I will try the Vick's and socks and see if that works.

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