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Check this out I'm doing what yalls did and googled all night my tooth aches are gone the ones in Ur jaw that feel like its going to explode I've tried it all lol literally do this do that it all comes back within minutes well check this out go get nachos with jalepenos watch what happends don't chew on bad side because its amazing what it does you will be good for quit a while sounds crazy but watch what happends I've tried dip Copenhagen,mouthwash,redcross,oraljel,anbosol,onions,garlic,saltwater,teeshirt,ice,all that is for small pain But if u have horrible pain try nachos and jalapenos watch eat some then comment don't comment b4 you eat them you will thank me I sware to God it sounds freeking crazy I know but it is the best pain killer ever I don't know how it works

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