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Marcus M.

I've had it for several years now. I definitely plan on using your remedies; they definitely sound like they work. This may help somebody along with those remedies. My toenail fungus was so bad that it's like turtle shells--dark and extremely hard. I have it as severe on both feet--on the big toe and second toe. The big one curls outward harmlessly and the small one, on the other hand, sometimes twists awkardly into the skin. The nails will come off painlessly, if severe pressure is added over time. Take something heavy that you can comfortably lift; pick it up and--while still holding--release part of the pressure onto the affected toe. Hold it there for 2 or 3 minutes; you won't feel a thing;
eventually, it snaps off with gentle harmless twisting--only to grow back. It will grow back. It must be some scientific glitch or something, bc it's painless and bloodless. I had to do this, bc my nails are uncuttably thick. They do grow back as before, though, so maybe those remedies will make them grow back clearly. Now, when my nail twisted, I don't advise this at all; I used a combination of the said strategy plus I used a
hammer--both periodically over time. It came off almost like last time--only this time there was a little blood, I used mouthwash for the cut, and a little Anbesol on the cut. It was a big relief and it grew back as before--and not twisted. This was not standard, but the first one was. Most of yours are probably like the first one, you put this here, bc someone may want their nails completely clear; you know, like when you were born. THIS IS NOT A REMEDY. THEY WILL GROW BACK AS BEFORE, IF NOTHING ELSE IS DONE. IT WAS PUT HERE SIMPLY AS AN ADD-ON TO A REMEDY--AS SOMETHING HARMLESS THAT MAY HELP YOUR TOENAILS GROW BACK COMPLETELY CLEARLY. THESE HELPED MY SEVERE TOENAILS AND I'VE USED THE FIRST INSTANCE MANY TIMES OVER THE YEARS, BC MY TOENAILS WERE SO THICK. USE THIS AT YOUR RISK. IT WAS ONLY PUT HERE FYI. IT REALLY SEEMED AS THOUGH WHAT I'VE SAID ALONG WITH WHAT OTHERS MIGHT HELP SOME OF YOU HAVE CLEAR THOSE NAILS COMPLETELY.

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I Like Turtles!

I have a couple of 5 lb. dumbbells. Are you saying to put a dumbbell on my toe until the toe falls off? Will the dumbbells be heavy enough?

I Like Turtles!

Also, how often do you have to apply the pressure for the toes to come off?


I thought I wasn't smashing it enough , I went ahead and cut my feet off,I am amazed with the results, I am fungi free feetless mofo, thank you,.


using caps (all capital letters) is rude...


LOL stupidest post ever

Kells Bells



Caps Fail
Remedy Fail


The twisted nail growth is due to a previous nail bed injury/trauma, and not nail fungus! Fungus may be a separate issue. Please find a nurse or podiatrist to cut your thickened curving nails safely and avoid the infection risk.



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