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living and doing fine

I'm 30 yrs old and I caught gh when I was 18 and I wad devastated. I have learned how to live with it and I don't even have outbreaks anymore. Something I learned when u have this condition it is very easy to catch other diseases especially HIV and I learned that through research. I haven't took pills to control this in yrs I went cold Turkey cuz ur body will get dependant on them. Quick tip especially for woman after ur period cuz the blood can cuz out breaks bathe with vinager in the water and keep the area very clean use femanine wash everyday u bathe and trust me it works for me for yrs now and number #1tip keep stress down stress will cause outbreaks quick. If pregnant tell ur Obgyn and then u go on meds by increasing ur dosage and times u take until delivery my doctor did that and I never had an out break and my child didn't catch nothing hope this helps and good luck

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If you don't mind me asking did you give birth naturally? And are you having unprotected sec with your husband? Pregnancy is my biggest concern now that I have it

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