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Pushpa Arya

Hi frnds.. I want to share a very good and best remedy for pimples. You must try it.. All u need is:
1- Cloves
2- Water
Jst take some cloves and mix it with water. Make a fine paste in a mixture machine and put it in a bottle and evry nite before going to bed, wash ur face n apply the paste on pimples and in the morning js wash it with plane water and in just 3-4 application u will see a visible change and the pimple will js vanish n it wont come back again and the best part is it wont leave any pimple mark as well.. its a prfect remedy and it worked wonder on my skin.. Will do on urs as well and it can be used on any skin type..

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oh my gosh thank you so much! that worked in pretty much one treatment.


What kind of clove and where do you get it?


Do you use ground cloves from the baking section of a supermarket??


even i wanna know wat typ of cloves shld i use.?? pls do reply fast cos i am tired of my pimples now. pls help


Ya pls let us know what u mean by clove is it long the garam masala one or garlic confuses me always.:(


Yah! me too... I wanna know what kind of cloves you are pertaining. and do i just put some of the mixture on the specific area only or on the whole face? please reply asap...

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