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What I did to try to get rid of Angular Chelitis:

1) Take B-Complex vitamin
2) Clean area with anti-bacterial liquid hand soap. (3x day)
3) Dry area and apply Lotrimin cream to area (outside of mouth only). (3x day)
4) Eliminate stress as much as possible.
5) Stop drinking alcohol for duration.

It may have been coincidental, but the sore healed in about 4 days.

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I had Angular Chelitis for 7 long years. the mark on my lips were pretty evident. I consulted skin specialist and he prescribed me with Cloben-G 15g anti-bacterial cream. Now my Chelitis has cured till 80%.


Original Poster: I should have added that even though the cut healed in 4 days, I continued procedure for 3 weeks until redness gone.

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