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I have had gh for about 4 years. I got it when I was 19. My boyfriend of 5 years I believe gave it to me and has outbreaks but never bad ones. He believes I gave it to him go figure right. My first outbreak was horrible. It was like one big scab hurt so bad to pee it put a shirt in my mouth to bite one. Neither sitting in the bath or in shower to pee helped. I am having my first ob in over a year. I thought it was a yeast infection at first was douching with salt, vinegar, hydrogen proxide, water mixture. It fixed the internal itch but now have all these bumps. Then I was like oh damn an outbreak. I use bactroban cream it shortens the length of time I have them and I find it works best when I first see a bump to treat each immediately. I also use diaper rash cream to avoid chaffing and pain. I sleep with no underwear so it gets plenty of air. It just needs time to heal. No sex during this time and normally wait 4 days after th bumps are gone just so he won't get an outbreak caused by me. Wash hands each time after touching for any reason. I also have trouble sleeping cuz o th itch so I take a sleeping pill. The worst ob are in the anus area and the crease above the clit.

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