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Victorio R. Rustia,PhD

I have terrible asthma since birth my mother gave me a lot of medicines but just temporary relief .Many times i was confined to the hospital when the attack worsened .One time I visited an herbalist who recommended me to try onion .Chop the small onion into small pieces and eat it raw followed by drinking water after each meal until my asthma subsides. It really works and since then my asthma is not that bad anymore.

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what if you dont have your inhaler or these other things?


I had asthma since i was a baby but it comes and go so it went away and when i was 7 it came back so it is sometime it is hard to cough and i have short amount of breath


If you can create a 'back pressure' this really works incredibly well. What I mean by this is that if you have an empty rotary inhaler, you just suck on it and this creates some pressure in your breathing tubes. The pressure opens up the chest area and you can breathe again. It really works. I have a empty pulmicort inhaler and whenever I need to I just suck on it and it immediately works and opens up my lungs. I haven't had to use a steroid for at least two years now. It has been great!

balbir singh

mercury filled cfl lights which are the latest energy saving devices aggravates asthma in people having this ailment. you can check it out on the not use these cfl lights if there are asthama patients in the house

Colton keele

My wife has asthma really bad is there anything around the house that might help her?


this simple remedy will greatly help reducing your asthma or even curing it take half of a small onion and cut it in four pieces take two cloves of garlic and crush them place the onions and crushed garlic on a glass with filtered water let it sit overnight the next morning strain the water drink it on an empty stomach you will see a huge improvement in your health specially your asthma its a little gross but it works very well you must do this every day for as long as you're breathing meaning as long as you're alive this remedy as well as any other natural cure takes a little longer to work but when it does you will not even noticed your asthma is gone by the way the onions open up your airways ways and the garlic will boost your immune system is a win win remedy good luck and may God bless you with this remedy.

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