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hey guys just letting you know that acv does work when I used to get genital warts I used to apply acv to a cotton ball and rub it back and forth until the wart came right off I used to bleed a little while in the process and some warts were very hard to deal with but I wanted them off right then and there I was doing this for a while it's been a year and a couple months now and I haven't had any more outbreaks hoping I don't either. Hopefully all of you guys can get rid of it too cause it definitely is something very embarrassing and difficult to deal with.

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Acv? I was just wondering, are you talking about the apple cider vinegar?


o.k., I found out what the acv is and I got some. This isn't a joke or anything is it. You and everybody else that was saying that the acv really works isn't jut joking to get people to put that stuff on there is it. I hope not. That stuff really stinks. But if it's true, about how long did it take for them to start going away. I've had mine for about 4-5 years now. When I found out about them I heard that they couldn't spread to a partner so I was stubburn and never thought to much about it, but they have gotten worse. I just really want to get rid of them.

Embarrassed :(

What is ACV?

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