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I was going insane with pain until an hour ago when I found this site. I had a tooth pulled 9/26 and went back on the 28th to have them pack it with gauze and what is Eugenol. The dentist said he put a sedative in there but it tastes just like the stuff in the Red Cross dental kit from CVS so I doubt his word about a sedative. Clove oil is the bomb and I was seriously contemplating the hospital ER because Vicoden and Tylenol 3 are laughable when you are in pain on the scale of 10 24/7. I have broken bones and never felt such pain. This info should be given to you by your dentist as it is less of a problem to schedule an appt and the dentist can do something better with the 30 mins it take to put this stuff in your mouth.

Tell anyone you know who may suffer from dry socket about this stuff.

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Eugenol is the active natural chemical in clove oil I believe. Also tea tree oil is very helpful. Yu are not supposed to swallow technically ( so no person out there goes drinking a bottle of it). It IS VERY HELPFUL to take a q-tip & put one TINY drop on it & rub around socket & along the nerve or where you feel pain. It has an analgesic effect & it is very strong anti bacterial, -microbial & so on so no infection! Waiting right now for someone to bring me clove oil. Back 25 yrs ago & all before that dentists used clove oil all the time to pack sockets. Seems a no brainer especially when NSAIDs & Vicodin barely helped! We need to demand better care from dr. & dentists, ore education. This pain is worse than back surgery,pre-back surgery(!), foot surgery & sciatica!

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