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I've gotten fleas in my home a few times over the years, it's pretty inevitable-especially with pets ( I have two indoor cats). But my mother knows all the best home remedies told me what takes care of them and, of course, she was right.

For the carpets:
BORAX -in the laundry aisle (5$)- Sprinkle it over your carpets and use your feet to massage work it in deep. The next morning vacuum. Your carpets stay good for about half a year and your home smells super fresh afterwards.

For your pets:
AVON Skin So Soft Oil -online of through a representative (5-10$)- After you've sprinkled your carpets you want to get the pets situated, fill a spray bottle with the oil and spritz animals down in the bath tub. Let sit for a while then wash pets with a bit of blue dawn dish soap. Drain nasty water, the wash with soap again. Rinse REALLY WELL, don't want your animals licking soap from their fur after all!

For furniture:
Take your spray bottle of Skin So Soft and spritz all your fabric furniture, and wash bed linens ect. with a tiny bit of dish soap.

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