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To bring a fever down:

Take a room temprature bath...

Tylenol also works..

For children if the room temp bath is not working,
Take childrens tylenol, then a few hours later when its time to give meds again do childrens motron, go back and forth between the two..

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the whole motron and then tylenol is not good at all it can make them overdose because it is 2 different strengths and meds


This is comment for adults. I feel the body needs to keep a fever somewhat because the body is killing the flu virus and to stop it quickly your defeating its purpose. Only if it get dangerously high do I try to stop my fever or if its going on for a long time. I am recovering from a flu right now and mid way It ran 103f overnight for a while. That time I did take an analgesic ,. I dontfeel one needs to get the body wet or take any baths. I dont even wash my hair. YOu open the bodies pores and causes it to be open to anything in the air and it needs to focuse on whats going on inside.EAt zinc. ester c. Echinache. Oil of oregano.LOTS of water. Electrolytes, only for pain I did use Genesec. I had a bought with nasea and vomiting and i Had eaten some chicken soup. Seems that some of the soup went to my ears cause most of today my 'plugged' ears have been draining the flavor and color of soup.


The body is in a fever state because it is fighting off infection (even viral.) Motrin and Tylenol do nothing to CURE anything. I will use it to bring down a dangerously high fever but until then, forget it. You are masking the symptoms, not curing the fever.

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