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So I have a really crappy deposit who said when I made an appointment that if my tooth starts hurting to call and he will order me some antibiotics. I called and he refused so for 4 days I've been in agony trying the most logical things I could done my appointment is a week and a half away. Water cold compress everything to no avail. I started looking up why garlic works. I was very skeptical of it till I started reading. One clover garlic is the equivalent to 15 cc of penicillin. So that did it for me I went out and got some garlic. It burns but I can almost feel the infection coming out. It lasted a few hrs for pain relief. Just cut it into bite size pieces you can wedge by the tooth or teeth. Wait for it to stop burning and spot it out and place another piece in. Chew softly on it and continue as many times as you feel u need. I bought a dentex kit and am going to do this when I feel it's comfortable enough to do so good kick everyone! ;-)

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DEFINITELY TIME TO FIND A NEW ASSSH.... I MEAN, DENTIST. What a jerk. I'd do everything I could to get the word out to others about his lack of concern, too.

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