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I read through many different treatments online after diagnosing myself with angular cheilitis (I'd thought it was just a result of dry skin for a while). I managed to heal any cuts within 1 week, and all I have left now is some dry skin under my bottom lip that I believe to be completely unrelated.
What You Need for this Cure:
- Clotrimazole 1% Topical Cream
- Vaseline
- Pure Tea Tree Oil

Firstly, use a little tester jar and mix Vaseline, or another petroleum jelly, with the tea tree oil. The consistency should be much like the original Vaseline jelly, but should have a potent tea tree oil smell and should be slightly less thick. This mixture will remove the bacteria while keeping the cracks moisturized; apply as much as needed throughout the day.

On top of this, a topical antibiotic twice to three times a day will attack the source.

This worked very well, was soothing and wasn't painful whatsoever! I'd recommend cleaning the cuts twice a day at least, and using the topical cream first thing every morning. The vaseline helps to act like a barrier between the cuts and other substances, so I suggest reapplying before washing your face, eating, and brushing your teeth.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for this suggestion. I have been dealing with this for over a month. I have had lip problems for a number of years - including cold sores and just thought it was an extension of that - especially this time of year. But after trying several things that did nothing but further irritate it I came to this website last night, stopped immediately at a drug store and am already experiencing much relief. Thanks so much!!!

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