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I have posted before, with some home-made salt and oil scrub recipes.

Eczema is so diverse in sufferers and severity that everyone’s condition is essentially unique.

I’d like to share a Sugar and Oil Scrub that I made recently for a family friend of mine who has very high blood pressure and was concerned with using salt on her body in the scrub form for fear that it would negatively affect her blood pressure.
NOTE: Some products containing bath salts have warnings on the labels addressing individuals with high-blood pressure to avoid using certain products. This is most commonly found on Bath Salts, like Epson Salts, or plain salt scrubs, where the product is solely salt or dead sea salt. Be sure to check the labels of products if you suffer from high-blood pressure.

Sugar and Oil Scrub Recipe
-1 Cup Grapeseed oil (This was my preference, you could use any light oil of your preference as a ‘base’ oil for your mixture.)
-2 Cups of White Sugar (I used regular white granulated sugar, you can use any sugar you like. Except for confection sugars, as they will just dissolve in the oil
-20 Drops of Essential Oils. (Use as many drops of each as you like. This number is simply what I used, but you may have a lower potency of oil and would like to use more or less.)
-Air tight Jar(s)

I poured ¾ of a cup of grapeseed oil into a mixing bowl and added about 30 drops of coconut oil, 4 table spoons of fresh pineapple juice and 2 pinches of ginger powder. I mixed the oils together and then mixed the full 2 cups of sugar into the oils. I kept the other ¼ cup of grapeseed oil on the side from the beginning. After mixing the sugar and oils together, it should be slightly mouldable and there should be a bit of loose oil in the mixture. If there is not enough oil in it simply add some of your grapeseed oil you set on the side. Similarly, if there is not enough sugar, add some more sugar.

Take the clean jar(s) you have chosen, pour half of your grapeseed oil that is left over into the bottom of the jar, then add the sugar scrub into the jar and you can pour the rest of the grapeseed oil on top. This extra oil will ensure that any sugar that did not soak up enough oil during your mix get’s it. 

This sugar scrub along with some lifestyle changes I suggested made a HUGE improvement in the eczema for my friend that I made it for. She is just happy she doesn’t have to worry about if she could be disrupting her blood pressure while treating her eczema.

This recipe could also be used with Salt instead of sugar.
My son is almost 5 years old and has suffered from severe eczema his whole life, I am happy to share that he no long suffers because of his eczema. Treating eczema is not just one good product, but a whole lifestyle change.
If you would like some information about lifestyle changes for eczema sufferers, products that I used and found helpful, the product that finally made the difference for my son and how I have changed his red-itchy-flaky and inflamed skin into slightly rosie porcelain skin please feel free to e-mail me anytime,
I genuinely like the personal touch of connecting with others and encourage you to share if you are asking for your child or an adult, as I have been treating my sons eczema since his infancy and some things are slightly different for treating children than for adults. I have suffered from mild eczema my whole life as well but had just accepted it until I had my son.
I wish you all the best and I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like some more information about treating eczema naturally for infants to adults.

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well if it doesnt help evenoyre except you and your friends then you shouldnt post it. And it isnt my opinion its a known fact. And I'm not fighting with you. I simply said that food doesnt affect it. You couldve said ok instead of being a smart ass and saying I know what Im sayin and blah blah blah


My three year old son is suffering horribly from this condition. He wakes up in the night crying and scratching. It covers his whole body.As a mother it breaks my heart to see my young child suffer. Please any advice will be greatly appreciated to help him cope with this condition with the least amount of pain possible. Thank you

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