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I've had really bad toothache and can't get in to see a dentist till dec I've tried lots of things like paracetamol and really strong parasol and oracle extra strength gel non of them really worked for that long so I got some cheap paracetamol 500g broke it in half and chewed it with the tooth what hurt for a min then had some cold water and rinsed for 30 sec and then spit out I've been doing this about every 2 hours and has worked great and it's lots cheaper then buying all the other things that don't work hope it works for you

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You probably have an infection. If the dentist can call in a antibiotic that would be the for sure way to get rid of that.


i dont no where you got that idea from but i would not recomend it to any1 its made my tooth 100 times worse


i doubt with an aching tooth you can chew anything. i wouldnt recommend this on anyone

ex nurse

Paracetamol are really dangerous if you take more than the prescribed amount.


my hubby had a really bad toothache and he's taken advil, tylenol and orajel and nothing worked, i googled toothache cures and came to this site and seen the garlic cure so i ran out to buy a bulb of garlic and so far so good the garlic is making the pain go away!!!!!! YEAAAAAHHH!!!! GARLIC

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