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Apply Selsun Blue (dandruff shampoo) to babies scalp twice a week for 2 weeks....
My son had cradle cap when he was born and the doctor actually gave me a perscription for this, it was an off brand of selsun blue so an off brand one is fine too..just dont get it in their eyes...

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This is very dangerous! Selsen Blue has a chemical in it which can can cause neurological damage if it gets into the system of an infant... it is not recommended for anyone under 2 years old. See your pharmacist and have them look up the ingredients of the shampoo before you use it! I would rather suffer with the cradle cap before I put this on my child's head.


No I do not think it is dangerous! Otherwise the dotor wouldnt have rxed it mine aslo did with all three of my children and they are all fine!! Everything you give an infant could possably effect it is someway or another. anyway the selsum blue worked for my kids :)


doctors say NOT to use any adult anti dandruff shampoos on babies as they are far too harsh.

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