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I am 24 and it is my 1 year anniversary of getting the big H. I think this site is awesome, as I feel this is more of a mental issue than a physical one. My first OB was HORRENDOUS. Yet, it was only a few problem spots, and I am reading about people having a ton of them, so maybe it wasn't as bad? My Dr. gave me vicodin which did absolutely nothing for me. I was screaming in pain for weeks. Ugh, don't even want to think back to that time. I was also given Valtrex originally, which I stopped taking because a side effect is aggression/moodiness.

I have found an approach that has been very much working for me [physically]. I started seeing a homeopathic doctor because I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and I'm bipolar. I went off birth control, off Valtrex, not off my mood stabilizers, and my doctor put me on aurum muriaticum natronatum (I think I spelled that right?). I guess people use it for fertility and emotional problems. Anyway, not only did it help the PCOS, it calmed me down, and overall has made my body more stable and healthy. This has decreased outbreaks significantly. I take olive leaf every day: 1-2 per day with no OB, and about 5 per day with an OB or the onset of one. I take Lysine during an OB or if I feel like I am about to have one. My biggest savior for OBs... TEA TREE OIL. Dab it on outbreaks religiously, and they will go away sooner. It does burn but it's sort of that good type of burn where it's relieving. I keep some in a decorative thing in my bathroom and dab some on without an OB just because I know it is disinfecting and overall helping to prevent one. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I can prevent them from happening when I take a second to not be lazy about it. For cold sores, there is a Lysine lip balm that you just use as much as possible and it helps a ton.
Other things I do to generally take care of myself: drink apple cider vinegar, be religious about vitamins, eat a lot of fruits and veggies, exercise, drink less, drink a lot of tea, lessen your caffeine intake (not ALL caffeinated tea, duh), get more sleep, and try to chill the eff out. As time goes (I know I'm still a newbie at only 1 year) you start to become more and more aware of your body and I know that I have a slight inkling that I am having an OB or a cold sore before anything even shows up. If you feel like it might be about to probably is. Seriously, even a stressful day at work can make you feel like one of those suckers is going to come around soon. And you know what you should do, particularly if you're a moody chick like me? Eat some chocolate and look at pictures of kitties. Figure out what de-stresses you and do it, because stress is the BIGGEST issue with OBs. I'm as high strung as they come, and I can say that this definitely helps. I am a consultant and I will take 5 minutes out of my crazy work day to down a Hershey's bar, eat some froyo, and watch kitten videos. And of course, all the other things I mentioned.

I just know that when I am taking care of myself and being balanced, I am less likely to get OBs. If I do, they are very minor. As I said previously, for me I feel like it is mental rather than physical. Despite all this 'balance yourself' and 'stay calm' stuff I dish out, I know how hard it is to keep it all together. I probably think about it on average 1-2 hours a day and get pretty down about it a lot. I love reading stories about people who have healthy relationships despite this issue, that makes me feel SO much better.

I would also love it if herpes jokes could be banned. You really don't notice just how many jokes it is the butt of until you have it. I mean come on, 25% of the people making the jokes probably have it and don't even know it. Stop it!

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Hi! I can only imagine what it must be like to complete a year with Herpes. I turn 24 this year and had my first OB some 3-4 months back. The worst thing is, I've only had sex once some 3 years ago (it didn't even happen right!) and broke up with my boyfriend... Only to realize 3 years later that I have herpes!
Anyhow, stress is always the big trigger here and I have learnt to meditate. In fact, researching more on the Internet made me feel better and that in turn relieved a lot of stress. Herpes is pretty common!
The best remedy for me has been Neem. I don't know if you guys get it in the west, I am from India. I take one neem capsule everyday and it really works. Sometimes when I am off them, I can feel a few bumps under my skin but they disappear as soon as m back on neem.
If any of you have acess to neem, I would really recommend it (except pregnant women).
Among other home remedies, I have found garlic to be an excellent solution. I boil a clove in a tiny bowl of water and use that solution throughput the day on the affected area with cotton. You can also juice some garlic and dilute it in water.
I hope it helps u all.
And in case someone finds it useful, please post it to the main thread, I couldn't find the option to!


I posted it for you :-) If you look to the left there is a 'submit a remedy' option.

As for the garlic, when I was furiously researching what to do about the problem 1 year ago, I did come across that. I bought it in pill form, but my breath kept smelling bad! I love garlic on food though. I stopped taking it because of the smell but maybe I'll give it another shot! As for the Neem, I have never heard of that, I'll look into that for sure. Thanks!

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