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I've had really great success with pure tea tree oil (the kind from Trader Joes that comes in a tiny bottle for about $6.) Since you use it in such small amounts it lasts a really long time.

After showering I just dip a clean q-tip into the bottle and swab it all over each toenail, on the nailbed, and underneath the nail as well.

I started seeing results within a couple weeks and now it's cleared up completely after a month or so.

Just make sure you cut your toenails straight across (to prevent ingrowns) and steer clear of nail polish (even the clear stuff), keep your feet clean and wear open-toed shoes or flipflops as much as possible so they get air and sunlight.

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The people I know who have fungal infected nails have had serious trauma and were on large doses of antibiotics for prolonged times, and also some with poor circulation to feet. There are dietary helps eg cutting out sugars & yeasts & taking a herbal medication. This also helps the fatigue. My husband had a head injury + and can't do the dietary thing (self control)but the Tea Tree oil sorts out the fungal infections as they arrive.


This worked for me 100%! I also got the tea tree oil from trader Joes. I know some people have a bad reaction to tee tree oil so I only applied it maybe 3 times a week. I applied it with a clean nail brush, and just let it sit. I made sure to put some under the nail too. I kept my nails trimmed and clean and dry. About three months later and my nails are totally healthy and normal. THANK YOU!!!!


I have been swiping tea tree oil on my toenails for months, maybe even a year at this point, daily and I see no improvement. I don't know what to do. Tea tree oil is very strong and should work.

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