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HI Friends!

I have read all your suggestions with great interest and great sympathy! YES, RLS is ghastly!

I had a total knee replacement a month ago, and was prescribed percocet. Now I am weaning myself off it and this weaning-off process seems to have thrown my whole system into chaos. I have evidently forgotten how to sleep and my RLS is WILD.

Taking all your ideas into account I am determined to defeat this once an for all. It was less distressing when I was younger. Now it is WAR.

I went to my GP yesterday and she prescribed a mild dose os clonazapam to calm me down and help me sleep and MAYBE help the RLS.

Last night I had somewhat easier night as I tried a couple of your suggested remedies and the one which seems to helps the most, so far, is the Coconut Lime spray from the Life brand. Thank you to whoever suggested this!!! The clonazapam did not seem to affect the RLS. I did not have luck with magnets.

I also had my massage therapist work on the pressure points in the back of the calf, (also as one of you advise) and while it set off a frenzy of leg spasming while she was doing it, I had a spasm free night. But I couldn't replicate it myself. I will get her to show me more carefully next week.

I am afraid to go to bed and endure 6 - 8 hours of misery, sleeplessness etc.

One thing I do which does help in the middle of the night, for about an hour, is get in the shower and spray the coldest water on the offending legs, including bum which spasms too. I am dreading doing this in Canada in the winter!

I also try to distract myself a little bit by playing my favourite music, on CD.....all night if necessary! It keeps me less lonely.

I will continue to follow your journeys, and hope we will someday see an end to this blight. All best wishes, Jane

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I have RLS for years, my doctor gives me Requip. It really helps at night but sometime in the middle of the day my legs will acted up and I drink tonic water. It has the same thing that in Requip (quinine) without making you sleepy. So try that or ask doctor for Requip.


Having suffered RLS for many years i have found that lying on either side and twisting feet around eachother helps calm RLS. This seems to confuse the nerves that cause RLS.


I have found standing in a very hot shower then a warm beds seems to help at least for awhile

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