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Hi, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Simplex 1 and 2 herpes 10 years ago. My first outbreak was incredibly painful and I was admitted to a secluded ward in the hospital for 10 days. I'm sorry to say that I've experienced regular OB's for the last 10 years, however they have only been on my face and not on my genitals. My OB's are still bad and sometimes I have to take up to a week off work to recover. I've read all the tips on here and have tried them all! What I'd like to know is if anyone has a trick to make the scab on the blister go down quicker - as I get them on my face, I'm reluctant to go out of the house until they have gone and this can sometimes take up to two weeks for me.

Having lived with this for 10 years, my only advice to those just diagnosed is that it's not ever as bad as the first time, people are less judgemental than you think once you educate them on how common it is and life goes on! I've found that eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting a good nights sleep as often as possible helps keep it away. Stress is the biggest trigger for my OB's.

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Something that guaranteed works to stop an outbreak in it's tracks amino acids pill form I get them from gnc they r healthy and work I tried salt abreeva this works again they are called amino burst 1000 or 3000 I use 3000 try it I wish someone would have told me about this but it is lesser known


Contact Lifevatage and get Protandim. watch this report

I have been suffering nonstop, with the neuralgia in the 'bad' place, for 5 years and the protandim is helping me. I highly recommend it.


Apparently anti fungus cream when it starts coming


This works and is so simple you can't mess is up. Get zicam meltaway tablets, depending on the area you want to cover use half or a whole tablet, doesn't matter. Crush it in your hand with just your fingers. It's easy. Then get a few drops of water and make a paste. Apply it to the area and let dry. Go to bed. If its under your skin or tingling, it'll go away immediately and never erupt. This works for either type. Best part is zicam is so easy to keep anywhere in front of anyone. You should feel immediate response and within hours you'll know you're clear of that outbreak. Key is to always have some so you can react the second you think you might be feeling an itch or tingle! You will love this.

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