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Brooklyn Girl

I realized I had lice earlier this week as I was waiting for a subway train. I scratched behind my ear and sure enough, what looked like a big flea was caught between my finger nail. I felt like an idiot for not realizing it sooner. I thought I had dry scalp for the past 2 weeks and just kept obsessively washing my hair...Anyway, after spending about $70, on otc RID I realized there was probably a safer way to take care of it at home, especially since I can't afford to he out of work for a week until the RID treatment was done. I decided to treat it like fleas on my cat. I also read some good stuff on this site just in case my plan didn't work out. I have long, thick curly hair that I've been growing out for 3 years already. No way I was cutting it. So, I took a bottle of baby oil, I had used some so it was about 3/4 full, mixed in about a 4 oz bottle of tea tree oil, smothered my head in it and put on a shower cap for 2 hours. It helped soothe my scalp too which was all sore and irritated from the scratching. Lice sucks for those of us with dry,sensitive skin!! Which brings me to my next point. IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO DAWN USE PALMOLIVE. I am allergic to Dawn so I lathed up my head with Palmolive dish soap, any scent is fine, DO NOT RINSE, left it in for 3 hours with a shower cap. Don't forget ears and neck as well. I figured the soap and oil would suffocate the lice as they do fleas. Rinse with the hottest water you can stand. Get ready for what comes next though. It was raining dead live from my head. I nearly wretched. Even the nits came off with just a big comb going through. It's nasty as hell but my scalp was squeaky clean. I still had my mom help by going through it twice with a lice comb, she found very few nits and pulled them out. Then I blow dried my hair as hot as I could stand it to kill the rest the rubbed coconut oil on my scalp. Two days later and I'm lice free!! I'm getting my money back from the RID too!!

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I loved this remedy! I have been fighting the problem for weeks tried the kits i even died my hair because when i was younger my sister n i took n saved ourselves from lice when our little sister had gotten them because of burning our scalps on accident while coloring our hair. I used a small bottle of baby oil that u can get at any dollar store for a dollar, slathered my hair n covered it with throw away shower caps. I let it set for an hour n took the cap off n it was full of bugs n eggs. Then washed my hair out n used coconut conditioner my head feels alot better already. Thank u so very much bout the oil treatment idea it is my new friendly addvice for young moms.

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