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What I do to relieve headaches (particular sinus headaches or headaches around my temples) is I mix olive oil with a few certain essential oils to apply to the achy areas. I have a tiny glass vial that I fill 3/4 full of olive oil, then I top it off with peppermint oil, eucalyptus or tea tree oil, and lavender oil. It has a pretty strong smell and I think that a good part of the reason it works so well on sinus headaches, because it helps clear the sinuses. It's also great on aches in the temple or jaw areas. It feels warm when you apply it to your skin and it's soothing. Just remember that the olive oil (or grapeseed oil) base is super important because straight essential oils should not be applied to the skin. I also apply it to my hairline when I have a headache too, I'm not sure why but it seems to make it extra effective :)

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How many drops of essential oil do you put in the olive oil, and will coconut oil work?


Well can u do whatever oil is in ur house? Cuz i only have vinilla and peppermint oils and lemon extract

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