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I am posting an update to my multiple treatments. i had been using acv, homemade green tea extract ointmenmt and tea tree oil to soothe and prevent spreading. I was able to get rid of about 6 warts that were not in sensitive areas. However I had to lay off the treatments because i had an appt with my gyno and i didn't want to be all ate up down there when I went. So tuesday i went to the gyn. i told her what i had been doing with the apple cider vinegar. She took one look down there and said 'honey you've had an outbreak of herpes too'. Now i'm a nurse and i know the difference. I most definitely do not have herpes. i told her i never had any blisters or sores. She said you have ulcerations all over down there. I then proceeded to tell her that it was from the acv soaks and where i had picked off the scabs. she then realized i was right (I did have a full std work up including hiv, herpes, and hepatitis and it all came back negative i found out yesterday). She had planned to use tca acid to treat my warts but she said there was no way she was putting acid on my skin down there the way it was. She then recommended Aldara. Now after reading tons of people's bad reviews on Aldara I had already decided I did not want to do that, but i was willing to hear her thoughts on it. She said she has been doing this for 31 years and she had only 2 people break out in blisters and ulcerations. She said she had excellent results with aldara and very few recurrences. So that is what i decided to try. She told me to let my skin heal down there for 7-10 days and then start the aldara. she said the key is apply a VERY thin layer and rub it in all the way and make sure to wash it off after 6 hours. Also she said to only treat affected areas. I told her I was worried about my outbreak getting larger since its quite small to begin with. She said typically pwople will get a 1-3 new warts a week for 4-6 weeks with OR without treatment. She said that some doctors recommend waiting until you are done getting new warts before starting any kind of treatment but she does not because she knows how distressing it is to wait and do nothing. she also said it is very rare to have to battle this for years. That most people do not have future outbreaks but if they do they are less each time. I hope I am one of these said people. Anyway my point is don't believe everything you read on the net. When I first found out abotu my warts i immediately started reading online and totally freaked myself out. The truth is the people that just go to the doctor and get treated, don't have many side effects, and don't have multiple recurrences are not the people that typically will post on the internet. I think acv is a great treatment at home if you just have a couple of warts you can spot treat, but if you, like me have them on sensitive areas like the edge of your vagina you are better off just going to the doctor. Plus women need to get a pap anyway to check that as well. Lucky for me I do not have any internal warts and my cervix is good. I hope to start the adara next week. On a side note since letting the area heal i really can't even tell i have them they are so tiny, flat and few. The acv made them sooooo much worse, swollen white, scabby and gross. Good luck everyone and I'll post soon about my aldara experience, which btw only cost me $10 with mediocre health insurance.

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It sucks how many people are affected by this.found a wart a few months ago ..had it removed by my gyno. She put some liquid stuff then baking fell off. A cluster of 3 appeared. I just went again for another treatment. I basically just want to cry. I feel like my sex life will never be the same!! This sucks!!

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