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Avoid eating before bedtime. If you eat before you go to sleep that can cause nightmares.

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I TOTALLY agree with you! When my cousin was younger she used to wake me up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT due to 'scary monsters, evil sandwiches and flying Dumpsters' because she'd snack (usually crap like pepperoni, sugary cereal, spicy chips or candy) before bed. Not only did this cause multiple cavities, once I banned midnight snacks we both got a decent night's sleep! She's 12 now, so absolutely NOTHING wakes her up before 7 am . . .


I agree mostly any sugary foods tho will give you nighmares, also watch comedy before you go to sleep.


Garlic gives me nightmares that make me wake up with headaches. Also avoid beans late in the day. Gas will give me nightmares every time!!!


No sugary foods, ill give you that, but i cant sleep if i am hungry. I eat before bed and it desn't effect e what so ever

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