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Press between the web of the thumb and index finger to relieve headache

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i tryed this and it made my head hurt even worse :(


This works wonders for me when i've run out of pain killers or am caught at work without them. It sounds ridiculous, but I even have a few spare clothes pegs in my top draw for when I have a migraine and cannot get up to get pain killers. I put them on between my thumb and index finger for a few minutes and it always helps! I think it's to do with the pressure points or circulation? Sounds odd - but its a lifesaver with you don't have pain killers or cannot keep them down.

Marie Y.

Ow!!My headache is worse now!!


My headache is gone but now my å$$ itches!


It did take the edge off. thanks


Believer if your ass is itchy check your partner lol


if your head ache worsens while doing this, reduce the pressure your using or switch hands.. typically if your headache is on the left side of your brain, your right hand is better to pinch, and likewise for your right.
Also, if you feel odd sensations, change the location you are pinching by moving your fingers further forward or back depending on the sensation or pain level.


This works amazing.I had a very bad head ache right above the back of my neck so I looked up remedies and this was so simple I tried it and in seconds it was completely gone. I was in shock. I will be using this every time I have a head ache. Thank you so much for the tip.


I just tried this with a clothes pin and it is amazing how the pain just disappeared. I also took an Excedrin for good measure but wow!


Don't do this if you're pregnant! It can be dangerous.

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