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Hi all...I was submitted my beginning story with my genital warts & aldara last week. Honestly, it is not working & harm my skin very pain.

Luckily, I get to know about ACV to cure the warts here. So, today is my story with ACV. I using this home remedy for 5 nights.

1st night- I use the cotton & soak with ACV then cover my warts in & out of vagina & near to anus. I admit it is sting but I still can sleep. Morning I open & c my warts all turn to white.

2nd night, I do the same thing. But more sting & I feel painful on my anus. Morning I open & c my warts all turn to little gray.

3rd night, same method same in & out vaginal & anus. But I feel bit upset because the wart near to my anus still the same size from 1st night to 3rd night I done. Another big wart already changed to smaller. Some of small warts also going to fall off.

4th night, same method same affected area. The wart near my anus really painful & sting. Morning I open & c, the size still remain the same......but the bigger wart get smaller, another 2 small warts fall off.

5th night, I choose to rest & sleep well because the last 4 nights make me can't sleep better. I apply Aloe Gel, I can feel the burning & sting near to my anus.

6th night, I check my wart near to my anus still remain the same size. I cover the cotton which soak with ACV again. Morning I open, the wart near my anus still same. Can tell me how to make it smaller & get rid of it?

And, inside my vaginal still have little warts & swollen. I will keep going with ACV treatment. Appreciate can anyone tell me what other method can get rid my wart near to anus? Thank you

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Do you know if there is a certain kind of acv to use? I got the heinz. I was just wanting to try something.


You should use braggs apv organic!



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