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I decided that i wanted to do some home remedies so i did some research and found that honey and sugar on your face, massaged really well and left on for around 3 min, works great. I then put toothpaste on my nose as i had some blackheads on it, this works well too. beware that the mint makes your eyes water and burns a little bit, but is worth it. my face is incredibly soft now. after i did that i found some moisturizer and massaged that into my face. MY SKINS SO SOFT!!! oh and then i thought what if i used this as a body wash so i made a large mixture of it and scrubed it all over my body, especially my legs. my bodys sooooo soft now :) try it you wont regret it.

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It may make your skin soft but does it clear acne?


kallam parayunnoda kalla


It worked wonders for me.' feel like i'm glowing', if you have dry skin i recommend putting olive oil in the mixture...


i got told that toothpaste will dry your skin out if left on over night. is this true?


I use tooth paste once in a while on my nose and it clears things up over-night. For soft skin try taking used coffee grounds and massage on your body and rinse. Your skin will be too very soft and silky.


Which mixture did you use for the body wash?


how much do you put of sugar and honey


for wash with cold water or little hot water


What was the mixture you used? My email is


I don't have too much pimples but it really disturbing. i would like to know as well ..please explain the mixture thoroughly and let us know. Thanks again

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