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As soon as you start to feel the itchy-hot, tingle sensation, immediately take a vitamin B pill and a Catsclaw vitamin. Then, apply and ice cube for 15 min or until the cube is melted. Once you have the area nice and numb, apply with a Qtip DMSO. This should stop your blister from forming.

If your blister still forms, wait until it comes to a head and pop blister with a sterile needle. Make sure all fluid is drain onto a tissue.(immediately through away)
Wash hands and infected and stylize with rubbing alcohol.

Rise with cool water then apply a pinch full of salt to area to dry it out. Press on area for about 30-1min.

To relieve the pain, I like to apply a look warm teabag to rinse of the salt.

Finally add another dab of DMSO
Repeat steps(including taking the vitamin B and Catsclaw) until the blister begins to dry. Usually one day max

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What is DMSO ???


DMSO is a chemical (dimethyl sulfoxide) and knowing what I know about it from working in a genetics laboratory I WOULD NOT recommend applying it to your skin, especially near your mouth!!!


I have them on my whole top lip and it came out to fast I have took an anitbiotic but not working what else can i do. and now I have one on the inside of my mouth


These are reckless ideas.


i completely agree with the ice cube treatment .... it does have to be done as soon as you get that itching feeling ... i stumbled across this cure approximately 15 years ago while drinking a fountain soda .... i started getting that itchy feeling and i put the ice from my soda on it hoping to get some relief... to my amazement the itching stopped and i didnt get the blister ... i have been doing it ever since with about a 95 percent success rate......


I have struggled with fever blisters my whole life.. My grandma told me an old remedie that works! only time you cant help stop it is at night. when u feel that weird feeling get some of ur own ear wax and apply it to the itching area.. I swear it works.. I havent had a fever blister in over 2 yrs, till now because it formed when I was asleep.. I know the embarrassing feeling! IM 20!!!! But I promise this works, ive told other people about it that spend alot of money on abreva! and they thank me all the time. Again, nasty but once that feeling goes away wash ur lips off! & obviously donot lick ur lip in the process!!!! Good Luck!

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