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I have an embarrassing skin tag left behind by a hemorrhoid right outside my anus (about the size of a small grape). I decided to try the dental floss technique (my second day) - the first day, I don't think I tied it tight enough because it got swollen and filled with fluid, so today I just tied it again, tighter.

NOW, I'm in so much pain, I don't know what to do, and I ended up telling my mom, which was a big mistake because she scared me into thinking what I did is gonna lead to necrosis and that I could die.

Anybody else experience this? Do I stick it out or give in and cut the string? (the only thing is, the string is so tight, I have a feeling I would have to go to the emergency room for that)

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I had a skin tag on my butt cheek. I did the dental floss and it finally fell off. It works, you just have to deal with the pain because it's actually cutting the circulation off to kill it. It really does work and I told my father about it and he is doing it with one he has on his back.


I had an anal tag about the size of a grape. Reading various sites, I decided to try dental floss home remedy. I tied It at the base. It hurt and for the next 2 weeks it hurt alot. Enough that I took Tylenol 3 for two days. Every day I would look at it, week 1 it was swollen and filled with fluid. It stank like cdifficle. I applied polyspirin on it several times a day. Week 2 it looked like it was shriveling.. Some days it would look full with fluid again. I tied a new thread, several times super tight. End of week 2 it's darkened and shriveled. But fluid leaking out of it a little of blood where dental floss is tied. Scared of infection at this point, scared of going to emergency I cleaned the site with alcohol swabs. Tied another thread. I also applied castor oil and baking soda on the entire skiing tag and rubbed it in... Covered the skin tag with sran wrap. Week 3 ... Day 2 of applying more castor oil and baking soda it appears the tag is shriveled. Again I wrapped it in more castor oil and baking soda. Week 3 day 4- as I sit to pee in the morning... The sran wrap falls into the toilet.. Wrapped inside is a dark black skin tag.... It takes time and patience but it definitely works. For me it took 2 remedies but my tag was really large too. Finally a smooth ass hole, I finally feel human.


After reading many success stories about this dental floss method and also running it past my GP, I decided to give this a go.... well...
I had 2 small tags, I tied both off.

After 3 days, one was about x5 in size and the
other x3. EXTREMELY painful. As Ive hated these for so long I stuck it out and even retied a couple of times to make sure they were tight enough.

After 5 days, one had got so painful and huge,
I managed ( thank goodness to get the floss off, a miracle really) Leaving the tag, swollen, painful and still about x5 the original size :(

After 8 days, Ive had to call the hospital,
Im going in today.
The 2nd tag is excuitating painful and swollen
And the 1st one ( without floss ) has formed into
a hard lump, still x5 worse than original.
Ive lost sleep, days at work, gym and have spent
a week on painkillers, creams and lying on my back, awaiting this supposed great outcome!!

This has to be one of the stupidist things Ive done!!
Im now just hoping the doctor can do something,
Otherwise Ive just disfigured myself further!!
People I would not do this!!!! Ever!!!


Hey sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.. I was almost having similar thoughts but luckly mine decided to fall off in the beginning of the third week. You have to have a high pain threshold if you want this to work.


Been reading this blog carefully, with all the skin tag troubles I have. You all should consider very carefully a few things:

1) Skin tags really can affect anyone, NOT just obese people.

2) Skin tags are caused by skin-on-skin or fabric-on-skin friction. If there is any easy way to stop the fabric-on-skin friction, any developing skin tag will go away on its own.

3) The tying-off method serves the purpose of cutting off blood supply to the tag, which is important to the skin tag. I'm happy so many people say this works but I think it is DANGEROUS.

4) The tea tree oil and castor-oil-baking soda methods are baffling to me. Different people have different types of skin. What I see is most people come away with painful, irritated skin and the damned skin tag remains!

5) PLEASE don't be stupid enough to use the 'duct tape method'. That is so dumb I am not going to explain it here. Not everyone's skin tags are affected the same with any method, and not every method will work anyway.

So, go to the doctor, who will be happy to remove your skin tags safely without horrendous pain, without all the bleeding you won't be able to stop easily, and without worries that your ass is going to turn black and fall off!!


Hey ppl I've had an anal tag for YEARS and finally decided to do this method instead of paying $300 for some professional to do it anyways I used a very small rubber band the black ones you use to tie your hair with from Walmart for like $.90 a whole pack I cleaned it and put it on wrapping it around like 4 or 5 times to make sure it would be TIGHT it hurt so bad for maybe about an hour yes ppl it hurts but stick it out! i even almost gave in but didnt the pain will eventually subside! I took some 800mg ibuprofen and put on some lidocaine gel on it to help numb it so its been day 3 and its looking good so far it swelled up and is beginning to turn black and shriveling up like everyone else says I'm so happy I've done this as for years I was always insecure about my husband touching that area so it had to go! It's to the point where it's just a dangling piece of skin I wish it would hurry up and just fall off already I was thinking of maybe trying to just snip it off but I'm scared something will go wrong so I think ima just leave it be until it naturally just falls off I hope it's soon!!! Will be updating!


I have a skin tag on my neck, not too big.. i tied it with a thread..

day 1> larger lump of red color.

Day 2> same lump size with half of it filled filled with fluid..

After reading this post carefully I think I have made a mistake.????.. Also the thread i tied cannot be opened as I cut both its end.

Just praying that it doesnt get worse.....!


Got one (size of a peanut) in a very interesting area...on my balls.. not wanted to show this to a doc.. so I tied it off with a cotton thread.. it's been 5 days and now pains like hell.. a bit swollen some kind of liquid keeps on coming. Very confused to proceed with it or not :-(

Pain in the backside

I’m on day 4 of tying a large anal skin tag, the pain has woken me up at 4am this morning, and I’m sat here waiting for the pain killers to kick in. It’s swallow and is very red and sore to touch, I can’t cut the dental floss off as the swelling has hidden it, I’m praying this will work, the pain is making me regret my decision at this moment in time!


I am trying the dental floss on my grape size skin tag that I have on my butt cheek. Now my skin tag got bigger and it really hurts that I can't sit up right. I'm going to keep the dental floss on until it falls off because it's already cutting my skin tag. My skin tag is red and very swollen it feels hard too.

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