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In my family arthritis is very common we have been using this for years.Where ever the pain is take one honey bee and sting your self with it it might be scary but i can assure you it works but of course if youre allergic to bees this is not good

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What if you are allergic to honey?


wow i have heard of this, and i can't believe it works....but i imagine the 'poison' in the sting is some kind of analgesic.


You are probably so distracted by the pain of the bee sting that you forgat about your joint pain.
'Ouch...son of a....what did I do that for???!!'


How do you 'take a honey bee and sting yourself with it?'


Don't scoff at this. It's true. There are real books about bee venom cures. Just use tweezers and grab a HONEY BEE by a leg or wing. It will sting anything it can reach with it's stinger. Hold the bee next to the bad joint and let it sting. The stinger will come out of the bee and keep pumping venom for another minute or so. Don't remove it right away or you won't get the full benefit. Now it IS GOING TO HIRT for an hour or so. I just tune it out. I know I'm not allergic so I just go on as if I wasn't hurting. You will be amazed.


I was considering knee replacement. I never went anywhere without the strongest possible 'over the counter' painkillers in my pocket. Gave myself 20 bee-strings every weekend for a 2 months. I no longer use pain killers,
and have even rejoined the gym. I still have some discomfort when I walk long distances but am still going strong 2 years later


How to catch a bee with a tweezer? Go into the garden and find a place where the bees are activitly harvesting necture from the flowers. Take a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of water and dissolve the honey in the water. Pour the solution into a soup plate and put some flowers in the plate too. In no time there will be as many as a hunderd bees. They will not attack you, they are to busy drinking honey.

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