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Shawn Dean from CT

REMEDY FOR ORAL THRUSH! My husband got oral thrush all over his tongue, roof of mouth & lips after completing a prednisone treatment starting at 60mg for 7 days & tapering off. Hospital gave him script for huge bottle of Nystantin. One week after finishing that medicine, thrush came back with a vengeance. Since yesterday, he has been using a home remedy found online of 1/2 teaspoon milk of magnesia with 1/2 teaspoon of generic liquid benadryl. Swish all through your mouth up to 4x daily; do not swallow.

This remedy gave him almost instant pain relief. As of today, it is 80% cleared up. This remedy was much more effective than the script and I would highly recommend to anyone.

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im having a i have to rinse a water after i do that?

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