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Not to sound too crass, but either have sex, or masturbate (make sure it's as clean as can be). Having an orgasm does wonders for cramps, seriously. If you need relief, just masturbate till orgasm, or have sex. This has always worked for me.

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gross !! masturbating on your period




It does indeed!


Who seriously things of playing with themself let alone having an orgasm during a time of excruciating pain.I don't even like ppl around much more having sex
This is one remedy I won't b trying


It's actually medically proven that sex is the BEST cure for menstrual symptoms, grow up people!

Victoria Emma

I can't quite believe people are saying 'gross' and 'disgusting' . Grow up guys. Are you not in tune with your bodies?? It is certainly none of those things. If friends have ever had headaches, even migraines I always tell them to have sex or an orgasm as it is the BEST thing for it as it relieves so much pressure. Never realised it would help with menstrual pain too but it certainly makes complete sense. Thank you so much you have helped me. And don't apologise it's not crass, just some people are not quite there yet with the 'awareness' thing. :)


It really does work. Grow up people, sex is a natural thing!

Lilith Swan

Yep it really does work but Im in2 much pain 2 get myself in the mood.


Alright, yes, the bleeding would be gross, but give me just a second of your time. Lay down in your tub--use old blowup swimming pool floaties if that makes it more comfortable to lay down. Buy a good, multi-function shower head to install, and make sure that the detachable hand held portion is long enough to reach lying down. Now experiment. The drain is open so everything stays clean, you get out feeling rinsed and yes, absolutely relieved. Take this from someone who cramps so badly that each month requires a two-day fast, prescription strength meds, and any number of other precautions. Just try it once before you get up in arms about propriety.


I readthis while being in so much pain I couldnt move... and let me tell you something.. I tried it and it really did work.

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