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I found this as a home remedy but altered it last night (easier) and worked wonders! First, the person said cook salt until brown, put in cloth and hold to ear (blocking out air with salt in towel over ear opening). Careful! Salt is very hot! Well, I cooked salt, set off smoke alarm and it never turned brown but that worked better than percocet! Well, last night woke up in pain again and took the same washcloth with 4 tbsp. salt in it, put about a tbsp of water on outside of cloth where salt was and microwaved for a minute. Put it to my ear opening for a minute (allowing 'vapors or whatever was helping' to permeate into the ear). I went back to sleep and pain free for 9 hrs. This one's a bad one-- worse than I've had in years, which I used to treat with percocet and antibiotics. But, this salt thing is a miracle! Nothing in the ear means no harm and nothing but relief. Try it!

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Grateful Mommy

Just did this for my daughter after children's Tylenol was not working for her...and she is now falling asleep without any whimpers...just seconds after applying it. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I am so glad that there was something I was able to do for her! Definitely remembering this!


Did the 6 or so tbsp of kosher salt heated up in a sauce pan covered for a few minutes, then wrapped in a folded dish towel. Held it on my 6 yr old's ear for maybe 5-10 minutes and she went to sleep for a nap.

Already knew about the warm wash cloth but that wasn't doing the trick so thank you! Am sure will have to repeat later but an hour later she is up and playing with her friends. Much appreciated!

Jo English

daughter has had ear aches and ear infections her whole life and they wereMy Ear Nose and Throat Doctor said to mix half alcohol half white vinigar.Keeps for a long time.Just fill the ear and wait a minute or two and tip head and let it run out.Do this twice a day.It has a slight burning sensation but not bad enough to worry about.My talking about surgery when I found this doctor.He said a lot of the time no medicine is required for treatment of a patient, just good old fashioned home remedies like your great grandparents use to use are all you need. I like a doctor who isn't so quick to throw antibiotics at a problem. I have used this on myself as well as my daughter.She hasn't complained about her ears in months.We have used this mixture on her twice since we made a bottle and I only needed it once myself(repeating the ear drops for a couple of days). I swear by this treatment.I posted this under topic clogged ear. I think it belongs here

katie b.

This took 90% of my pain away, but BE VERY CAREFUL!!!! I reheated the salt pouch in the microwave, and placed it on my ear like before. This time I heard crackling and popping in the pouch. I pulled it away from my head a second before it caught on fire. It must've been the old cloth I used, so choose yours wisely. :)


After a horrible cold I got an ear infection and I was in so much pain. After reading this remedy and reading the comments I decided to tried it- AND IT WORKED. Thank you so much!!!


my 14 y/o son has had ear pain for two days. He woke me up at 4am yesterday am. I waited for his doctors office to open and got an appointment. Dr told him to take Ibuprofen every 4 hr. At 5am he was sobbing the throbbing pain was so bad. I put a mound of salt in a dish towel. wet the towel and put in microwave for 40 seconds. My boy was comforted and asleep within minutes of holding this heated cloth against his ear. Thank you.


Thankkgodd for this, iv beem in pain for 16 hours and I did this for about 2 hours.annd my pain is gone. (:


I used epsom salt, instead of regular salt and wotked a little better

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